NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A proved to be one of the biggest, most important and prestigious business events in Australia in 2013. Over 1500 people attended the event to witness Sir Richard Branson and a panel of future thinkers answer the big questions that could change the future of business.

This site is dedicated to celebrating NEXT?. The top 5 questions asked at the event are featured and you now have the opportunity to comment on them. You’ll also find a photo gallery, video content and media links about the big day including Sky News Business’ coverage of the event. So explore get involved, and discover what’s NEXT?

The Panellists

Read about our five esteemed panellists:

Sir Richard Branson: Business magnate, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist.
Founder of the Virgin Group of more than 400 companies. Also well known for his exploits as a fearless adventurer and his many philanthropic endeavours.

Professor Andrew Griffiths: Dean, UQ Business School
Andrew’s areas of research include business strategy and climate change, corporate sustainability strategy and risk and crisis management. He has worked with leading national and international organisations in the profit and not-for-profit sectors to help develop and implement climate change responses and integrated sustainability strategies.

Chris Cameron: Co–owner & Director, Rockcote Enterprises Pty Ltd
Chris describes herself as a ‘Corporate Hippie’. As Director of Rockcote, a leading manufacturer of premixed coloured renders, textures and environmentally friendly paints, Chris champions sustainable development and business practices. In 25 years she has grown Rockcote from a back yard operation into a multi-million dollar, multi-award winning national company.

Tim Longhurst: Futurist
Tim is one of the world’s leading authorities and speakers on innovation and corporate strategy. Tim uses the latest data, powerful case studies and entertaining anecdotes from the field to bring the future to life for his audiences and inspire change within business.

Mick Spencer: Founder and Managing Director of OnTheGo
At age 18, after being fed up with how the sports market was being served, Mick had a vision of building a brand that could change the way people moved. Mick backed himself with the $150 to his name, and formed the foundations of OnTheGo – Australia’s fastest growing active lifestyle brand.


The event was held over lunch on Thursday, 9 May 2013, at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, with audience of over 1500 guests. Sky News Business covered the event and Sky News Business’ lead anchor, Brooke Corte, acted as MC.

Brooke Corte
Brooke currently anchors the daily programs Trading Day and At The Close on Sky News Business. She is also the popular face of business and finance news for First Edition and News Day on Sky News National.


How did NEXT? The Future of Business Q&A begin? Good question. In fact, NEXT? began with a good question, too. What if we gathered the brightest future-thinkers and discussed what’s next for business? Answer: great idea, and that’s how it all started.

NEXT? also embodies the spirit of UQ Business School and its commitment to ‘Challenging the Future’ by continuing the quest to discover, understand and teach what’s next for business.

Sir Richard Branson
Andrew Griffiths
Tim Longhurst
Chris Cameron
Mick Spencer
MC: Brooke Corte