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Do you find that your hand mobility limits your ability to drive? There may be an answer! Hand Controls for Driving offer a solution to those who have difficulty using their hands due to illness or injury. This article discusses the pros of hand controls, what they do, and provides information about the different types of hand controls available so that drivers can choose the right one for their situation.

Types of hand controls for driving

Hand controls for cars (also known as arm rests) are designated spaces on vehicles where a driver can place their hand to steer the car. These typically exist in newer vehicles and offer a simpler, more effective way to drive with mobility limitations.

Foot pedals – this type of hand control replicates the hand-foot coordination that’s typically needed to drive. Pedals can be used in conjunction with hand controls for cars.

Mobility hand control – this type of hand control is more versatile and it works by converting muscle movements into digital signals, which are then transmitted wirelessly to a controller attached to the steering column or gearshift lever.

Hand control for trucks – these hand controls are typically pedal hand controls that work in conjunction with foot pedals.

Electronic steering aids and keypads – these hand controls provide drivers with a less stressful, more comfortable driving experience.

Hand control for wheelchairs – this type of hand control is the best option for those who use a wheelchair as their mobility aid and also need to drive due to illness or injury.

Tips on driving with hand controls

– Find a vehicle that is equipped with hand controls or has the room to add them later. This will make your transition much easier!

– When using any type of hand control, it is important to keep hand-to-foot coordination in mind.

– Practice with hand controls before you head out on the road!

Things to consider: when using hand controls for driving, there are some things that drivers should take into account. These include how accessible the vehicle will be at your destination and what type of hand control will best suit your hand mobility.

Hand Controls for Driving can be installed in any vehicle and allows drivers to comply with the law while maintaining hand mobility. But hand controls can also be a great solution for hand mobility issues that make driving difficult. Don’t let your hand mobility limit you from living life on the road!

Cons of hand controls

*Hand controls can be more costly than hand mobility aids

*Lack of hand-foot coordination may pose a challenge for some drivers who use hand controls

*Some car models don’t have hand control capabilities. Without this possibility, other options such as foot pedals or mobility hand control will need to be used in conjunction with the vehicle’s hand controls

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